should lithium batteries be left on charger?

Released on Nov. 02, 2022

should lithium batteries be left on charger?

Yes,Lithium batteries can stay on the charger all the time, most of the lithium batteries used in the market nowadays have battery protection, in a fully charged state, the battery protection circuit will automatically cut off the power input thus enabling the battery to reach a higher life span.

About lithium batteries.

1, if you buy a new battery for the first time to charge without the so-called need to be full of 12 hours, full of 12 hours refers to the nickel-metal hydride or nickel-cadmium batteries, as long as the full charge on the line.

2, in the first few uses, it is best to use up the power and then charged to full charge, because the lithium ion is inert, after several cycles can be fully activated lithium ion to improve the unit storage capacity.

3, after a lot of details do not need to pay attention to, when you need to use when charging, electricity is not full can also stop, will not affect the performance of lithium batteries do not have memory effects and will not be like NiMH batteries in the case of improper operation will significantly reduce battery life.

should lithium batteries be left on charger

4, the best working temperature of lithium batteries is 25 degrees, the general lithium batteries on the market now have a protection function, in the case of low temperature will be self-generated to warm up the battery so as to protect the battery will not be low temperature loss, it should be noted that the use of the range of 0-45 degrees on the line or generally have to see the battery manufacturer for some of the functions of the battery description, try not to be exposed to high temperature environment Exposure to the sun or some higher temperatures, which will cause the internal temperature of the battery to rise causing spontaneous combustion and other dangerous events, outside this temperature range, try to avoid using, or the lithium battery is likely to have some problems at once.

5, if you do not use the lithium battery for a long time, in your battery power consumption premise try to charge it every once in a while 50-80% of the power to achieve the effect of battery protection, every 3-6 months to check, if it is due to its own self-discharge causes the power to drop below 50%, you need to timely replenishment to extend the life of the lithium battery.

6, long time not used lithium battery, when it is the most damage to the following three situations: no power, high ambient temperature and charging too full. No electricity will be discharged by the battery itself, resulting in complete damage to the battery. High temperature or charging too full will accelerate the natural decay of the battery to reduce the life of the battery.


In the usual use of some small lithium batteries for safety reasons or as far as possible after a full charge, you can see it can be unplugged and put away or installed on the device to use this is the best way, and for some large equipment or large appliances in the lithium battery they have a certain degree of safety, recognized international certification of lithium batteries, they will be fully charged to use, but I do not But I do not recommend it, because the equipment has damage, for your safety, for electrical appliances with lithium batteries, I still recommend that you use them in a safe environment fully charged and stripped of power!

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