what is the most common primary battery?

Released on Nov. 02, 2022

what is the most common primary battery?

The most common types of batteries in life and on the market are Lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, NiCd batteries, NiMH batteries

Each of these batteries has its own characteristics and areas of use.

1, lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries are known as "sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries", which have the advantages of low price, high capacity and relatively mature technology. Especially in recent years, battery manufacturers through process reform, optimization of the formula, as well as the progress of charging technology, making a new breakthrough in battery performance, battery life has also been greatly improved. Lead-acid batteries are also the main source of power for electric vehicles on the market at present, the drawback is that the weight of lead-acid batteries is still slightly heavy.

2、Li-ion battery

Lithium battery is a class of lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material, the use of non-aqueous electrolyte solution of the battery. The advantage of lithium battery is small and light, compared to the traditional lead-acid battery more efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable, also makes the electric car more beautiful and lighter, very suitable for the elderly and female friends. However, lithium batteries also have certain dangers, and due to technical bottlenecks, the batteries produced are not perfect in terms of safety. In some high temperature conditions, they can spontaneously combust and explode, but now there are already waterproof and explosion-proof lithium batteries with intelligent temperature control, so the safety of the batteries can be assured. In addition, lithium batteries are slightly more expensive than lead-acid batteries, leading some price-sensitive consumers to stay away from them.

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3、NiCd batteries

Nickel-cadmium batteries can be repeated more than 500 times of charge and discharge, economic and durable. Its internal resistance is small, both internal resistance is very small, can be quickly charged, but also for the load to provide high current, and the discharge voltage change is very small, is a very ideal DC power supply battery. Nickel-cadmium batteries were the first type of battery to be used in mobile phones, superco and other devices. They have good high-current discharge characteristics, high resistance to overcharge and discharge, and are simple to maintain. The most fatal disadvantage of NiCd batteries is that if they are not handled properly during the charging and discharging process, a serious "memory effect" will occur, making the service life much shorter.

4、NiMH batteries

Nickel-metal hydride batteries are made of hydrogen ions and nickel metal, with 30% more power reserve than nickel-cadmium batteries, lighter than nickel-cadmium batteries, longer service life, and no pollution to the environment. The disadvantage of NiMH batteries is that they are much more expensive than NiCd batteries and their performance is worse than lithium batteries. High-powered NiMH batteries are also used in hybrid vehicles, where the battery charge and discharge life is sufficient to last for ten years. The disadvantage is that they are slightly more expensive and their performance is less stable.

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