How do lithium-ion batteries work?

Released on Apr. 20, 2022

How do lithium-ion batteries work?

All lithium-ion batteries used in any type of device or gadget include the same working principle. It's important to know the details of how it works in order to understand the details of how it explodes and catches fire. These basics will help you a lot in this regard, and here's how you can prevent any such situations while using it.

So basically, Li-ion batteries are made with a simple circuit that has a positively charged cathode and a negatively charged anode. The two electrodes are separated from each other with the help of a separator, usually made of plastic material. The purpose of this separator is to prevent contact between the cathode and the node when current is passed. When a potential is applied by turning on the circuit board, current begins to run in this circuit, which then begins to charge the battery with lithium ions flowing from the cathode to the anode. This is the normal and basic working principle of lithium-ion batteries, and it helps them work so efficiently that they are part of almost every device and gadget.

Do Li-ion batteries catch fire?

Lithium-ion batteries can catch fire, a very common occurrence today, and one of the biggest risks of using them. Here, we'll share with you why this happened. There are many factors behind this, but we will share the most common and most important ones.

1. When you charge your device or gadget, you leave it for hours to charge, so it overcharges. Also, sometimes you wait for the battery to charge itself before charging it, so in that case the battery will get hot in both cases and then explode causing a fire. This is not the biggest and most common cause of lithium-ion battery fires.

2. Sometimes when your battery stops running forward, i.e. from cathode to anode, it starts moving electrons from anode to cathode, and it explodes again. So you have to check that too, because that's one of the main reasons it catches fire as well.

3. There is also a reason that you put it in a high temperature place, such as a hot room with direct sunlight, a hot car, etc., these places will heat the battery and then suddenly explode. So, try to avoid this as much as possible.

4. Another very common cause of lithium-ion batteries catching fire is that they are placed with electronic equipment, which may help it catch fire easily and explode. Therefore, you must remember that they should be placed apart from each other to avoid any such incidents around you.

So, these are some of the reasons why lithium ion batteries catch fire and you must be aware of them to avoid any such incidents.

How dangerous are lithium-ion battery fires?

Well, fire is always dangerous, no matter where it came from and what was the reason behind it. No matter what, you must protect yourself from harm. However, if we are talking specifically about lithium ion battery fires, then we can say that it is more dangerous than other types of fire sources because it is made of lithium and operates by the movement of lithium ions in the battery. Electrode system for batteries. Any explosion will immediately start a very violent fire that can easily spread around. Also, the calming method is not simply watering, but requires a solution of foam and water to calm down, which is usually unknown to people. So, it will take time to schedule it, and at the same time the fire may roll up a lot of things or people around.

How to put out a lithium-ion battery fire?

Well, there are many ways to put out a lithium-ion battery fire, but one should be very careful. If it's a simple little explosion of a lithium-ion battery, it's as easy to deal with as any other fire, but if it's a big explosion, then simple water won't work. You must use a mixture of water with foam, carbon dioxide, graphite, soda, etc. This mixture can only help protect you and your surroundings from the deadly consequences of lithium-ion batteries. If you try to calm it down with simple water, the fire may get worse, which may cause you more problems.

in conclusion

Lithium-ion batteries are used in almost every innovative product today. You can prevent their use and help yourself stay safe by understanding the fire risk when it explodes. The above descriptions are all about the details of the risks associated with Li-ion batteries, you should know them and then pay attention to them when using them.

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