Best 18650 Battery Tester Introduction

Released on Oct. 24, 2022

Standard 18650 batteries carry a certain amount of charge, but only last a limited amount of time. However, it is difficult to tell how much capacity or charge is left in a battery whenever you feel that it may have been used for a considerable period of time. Therefore, the electronic device that helps determine the amount of charge left in a battery is called a battery tester.

If such a tester is not available, the only option left is to fix the 18650 battery into a suitable electronic device and then try to turn it on. This process will not give you the remaining charge and is also time consuming. Therefore, a battery tester is a much faster and more accurate solution.

Why do we need an 18650 battery tester?

There are many viable reasons as to why we need a battery tester for 18650 batteries. You may be camping and need to find out the remaining charge of your flashlight before it dies in the middle of the night. In this case, a battery tester will come in handy. The reasons you may need one vary and are numerous. Some of them include

- Knowing the best battery for your device

- Knowing how much charge is left in the battery before another charge cycle

- Avoiding a fully discharged battery by knowing its condition

- To help you monitor the function of your battery

- Help you save battery power in an emergency without an outlet

How do we choose the best 18650 battery tester?

Choosing an 18650 battery tester for your battery is just as important as buying the battery pack itself. When purchasing a battery tester, you should make sure that its service is reliable and accurate. The tester should include a wide range of capacities that can accommodate the measurement of battery readings.

No one likes to spend money on a battery tester only to find that it is either faulty or inaccurate. Before you commit to purchasing an 18650 battery tester, consider the following factors to make the perfect choice.

1. Accuracy of readings

The battery tester's readings must be accurate. One can measure the tester's accuracy by using the tester on a new battery and comparing its readings to other testers. You can even measure a brand new battery and compare the results to the information on its sticker.

Using a faulty or inaccurate battery tester unknowingly can be very annoying. An inferior battery tester may tell you that your battery contains half the charge when, in fact, it does not. Others may even give you a higher or lower reading than the actual capacity of a new cell. This frustrating trend may also eventually lead people to choose bad batteries.

2. Check the manufacturer

Before you buy, you need to consider the manufacturer of the battery tester. It doesn't hurt to do some research on them." Find out if the manufacturer has extensive experience in the field and if their products are widely known and used by many people. Find out the manufacturer's reputation to determine if their product is right for your money.

Many times, you may purchase a tester from a manufacturer whose product has a poor reputation because of ignorance. Other times, the manufacturer may also be new to the field; therefore, their product may not have the trust of the masses.

3. Read customer reviews

Testing the battery and considering the manufacturer may not be enough, as it may also be necessary to read the reviews given on the tester. Browse social media and other online platforms to find people who have alreadytried the battery tester you have in mind. As you browse through their reviews, you can catch a thing or two from their experience with the product.

One thing you should be aware of is that no product on the market will receive 100% positive feedback. There will always be a few users who feel that the product is not for them, or may not meet their expectations. Stay away from any testers who might get 100% positive feedback, because getting everyone to buy something that is flawed can be a dubious scam. These are major red flags. Negative feedback should also be very small for any tester to be considered the right choice.

Best 18650 Battery Tester Introduction

How to use an 18650 battery tester correctly?

To properly use an 18650 battery tester, they must first understand the function of the gadget. Most battery testers are called analog testers, which means they measure the battery under load. They look like jumper cables used to start a car with a dead battery.

The fundamental purpose of a battery tester is to complete the circuit on the battery, thereby facilitating the flow of current through it. In turn, this generates electromagnetic waves by producing voltage and current. Wires are often color coded to guide you to the proper terminals. In most cases, red and black wires are used. Red indicates positive terminals, while black indicates negative terminals.

All you have to do is connect the wires to their respective terminals and then check the readings to see what the battery condition is at that moment. Using the right 18650 battery tester should give an accurate reading indicating voltage, current, and even the amount of charge left in the battery.

Final Thoughts

A battery tester should never be treated like a toy; however, it can be a lot like jumper cables, and connecting them gives a sense of joy. Each time a battery is tested, a small portion of its charge is often consumed in the process. This may not be enough to affect its performance, but constant testing can shorten battery life.

When choosing the best battery tester for your 18650 battery, you don't have to choose the most expensive solution or settle for the cheapest. A good battery tester should be able to determine how much charge is left in the battery, and that's about it.

So, the next time you plan a trip, make sure you get yourself a battery tester

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