48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack with RS485/ RS232/ CAN Communication for Telecom Backup Power Supply

Model: TB-48100-LFP-4

Battery Type: LiFePO4

Battery Voltage: 48V 

Battery Capacity: 100Ah

Communication: RS232 RS485

Application: Telecom base power station, AGV, Forklift, E-golf cart, EV, etc.


TB-48100-LFP-4 standard backup battery is based on Lithium iron phosphate battery of ZWAYN battery. It has been designed to provide backup power for telecom equipment or energy storage system in household. It has excellent safety, high energy density, long lifetime, very nice temperature performance, green power newly of excellent safety and high reliability.


· Telecom Basic station

· Data center

· Telecom Outdoor cupboard

· solar hybrid system

· Home energy storage system


· Standard19inch 5U rack-mount design

· Build-in battery control for efficient operation

· Comprehensive communication

· Compatible with standard telecom equipment. Support parallel connection between batteries.


· More cabinet for value generating equipment

· Less weight for pole mounted sites

· No active cooling system required

· High operational reliability

· Lifetime more than10 years at +25℃

· Optimal management

· ROHS compliance

Nominal characteristic
Nominal voltage[V]48
Capacity [C/5][Ah]100
Energy[ C/5][WH]4800
Electric characteristic
Work Voltage Range[V]40~55.5
Charge voltage[V]55.5 (Float charge:51.75, Boost charge: 54.75)
Max charge current0.8C
Max. Output power[W]4800
Recharge time[h]0.2C*6hr (standard)
Discharge current at the various back up times
Operating conditions
Lifetime @+25℃>10 years
Cycle life[100%DOD,+25℃]≥ 2000
Operating temperatureCharge :0~45℃;
Storage temperature-10℃~45(<1months,20%~60%SOC);
EMC standard complianceEN 61000 chapter
Protection classIP20
MaintenanceCharge the battery once every 3 months 
when in storage

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