Best Method To Enclosure 18650 batteries

Released on Jun. 01, 2022

Best Method To Enclosure 18650 batteries

I built a box for the 18650 battery to prevent any accidental shortening and I used Autodesk 360 Fusion to design the packaging for my battery pack. The battery pack has exposed nickel strips around it. There are two parts to the box or case: Main and Top Lid.


For the printing of the components, I used my 3D printer CrealityCR-10S and a 1.75 mm PLA green filament. It took me about 6.5 hours to print the main body and about 1.2 hours to print the top cover.


It is designed to print battery housings.

Speed: 70 mm/sec

Layer height: 0.3

Filling density: 100%

Exterior: 205 degrees Celsius

Bed temperature: 65 degrees Celsius


18650 Explosion-proof battery containers are designed to safely and effectively contain and protect lithium batteries from feathers and nickel. Externally, we enable you to live with the harsh environmental conditions you face on an offshore platform, while internally, the battery supports critical backup or primary systems best housed.


18650 battery standard housing

Most off-grid industrial solar systems, such as those used for fuel and gas patching and traffic control systems, use batteries or cells that need space to live, withstand the weather and stay dry and safe. That space is called a "battery enclosure," or basically an aluminum or fiberglass or stainless steel ventilated box. The product may be better known as a "solar cell box" but is also called a "polar cell box". Many panels are as large as the cells and are usually made of paved metal, especially in 18650 cells.


Your battery case is protected from weather and battery theft. Battery enclosures also feature a locking mechanism that protects unauthorized individuals from potential electrical hazards while managing your equipment.

Battery cabinets/boxes or enclosures can also be mounted on the floor and used both indoors and outdoors. However, it is important to choose the enclosure for your battery accurately and smartly.



It is therefore concluded that it is important to have a better quality case or box that will protect your battery and enable it to be used for a long time, which will extend the life of the battery. Since 18650 batteries are a bit expensive, it is also necessary to protect them for safety reasons. It seems like it would cost a lot to destroy it and then repair it again and maintain it or replace it with another battery. This is why it is better to take corrective measures rather than preventive measures when buying a battery and buy a battery case

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