Portable Power Solar Energy Generator TALIS 500WH LiFePO4 Battery with AC & DC Output

Model: TALIS-500S

Battery Type: LiFePO4

Battery Voltage: 12.8V

Battery Capacity: 42Ah

Cycle Life: 2000 times

Application: Storage energy, portable power supply for camping, outdoor activities, household emergency use, etc


The Talis solar energy box is charged by solar panel/ PV array, which is clean green energy.


Considering there are many islands in Indonesia, it is difficult to connect electricity to each island for the residents of the island. This energy storage box is charged by solar energy and is completely off grid, which brings convenience to the residents.


Charging during the day. Provide power for household appliances, lights and mobile phones at night as backup Power.


With handle, portable for carrying anywhere.

Energy CapacityLFP 12.8V 42Ah Cylinder
Battery TypeLiFePO4 (2000 cycles)
Inverter Rated Power500W
AC Output Voltage220V 60Hz
Standard Energy5537.6Wh
AC Charge Input Voltage220V
AC charge PowerAC 60W
Operating Temp0℃- 50℃
DC Solar Charge Power100W 18V
DC Input1pc *C19 (Female)
DC Output2pcs *DC 5.5*2.5(Female); 12V 5A
USB Port2pcs *5V 1A
AC Output1pc *Type F With Shuter, 230V 50Hz
Indicator1pc *Solar Charge
Display Screen1pc *LCD screen, 4 level of DoC
Switch1pc *Battery switch, 1pc *Inverter switch

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