off grid solar system with battery backup

Model: ESS-5120

Battery Type: LifePo4

Battery Voltage: 51.2V

Battery Capacity: 100Ah

Cycle Life: 3000~5000 times

Application: Home Energy Storage System

Communication inverter: Deye SMA, Victron, Grottwatt, UZ, Sola-X, Sinxcel, Sungrow etc.



off grid solar system with battery backup


Nominal Voltage(V)51.2
Nominal Capacity(Ah)100Ah0.2 C discharge
Charging Cut-off Voltage(V)57
Standard Charging Current(A)20Recommended value of 0.2 C
Max Charging Current(A)100
Charging cut-off current(A)1
Discharging cut-off voltage (V)40
Standard continue discharge current(A)20Recommended value of 0.2 C
Max discharge current(A)100
Internal Resistance(mΩ)≤100              Between positive and negative pole of the              discharging pole
Battery Pack size(mm)442*430*177mmContains no hangers
Weight(kg)Approx 45
Discharging Temp Range(℃)-10~55
Charging Temp Range(℃)0~45
Storage Temp Range(℃)-20~45
Storage ambient humidity (RH)5%~95%
Working environment humidity (RH)≤85%
Positive and negative lead wiresDT38-100A-2P 38mm2amphenol connector
Air SwitchDelixi DBG9
Case MaterialSPCC 1.5mm


off grid solar system

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