Professional Rear Rack Electric Bike Battery 48v Lithium Battery Pack

·  Model: Rear Rack

·  Cell Brand: Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sanyo, Chinese brand.

·  Voltage: 36v/48v

·  Capacity: 10Ah~35Ah

·  Dimensions: 373*150*80mm

·  Weight: 5~9kg

·  Max continuous discharge: 20A-30A

·  Charger: 2A,3A . 4A charger

·  Cycle life: over 500 times 80%DOD

·  Warranty: 1 year

·  Application: Mountain E-bike; Road E-bike; City E-bike, etc.


Rear rack ebike battery with a waterproof case , you can use it directly on your e-bicycle. It is Easy to install.Our rear rack ebike battery will be equipped with a perfect charger.


·  Excellent high and low temperature discharge performance .

·  Various combination,also can make special design for customers

·  Lithium battery for electric bike is environmentally friendly and pollutant free power, it’s without mercury, cadmium,lead and other heavy metals.

·  Customized battery pack special terminations can be made as requested.  such as, JST, MOLEX,LEMO .

·  Protection: Dual IC chips, that can anti-short circuit, anti-over charger, anti-over current, anti-overload


More Detailed Parameters Of Rear Rack Battery Pack

VoltageCapacityBattery cellCell numberDimensionsWeightMax Constant Discharge CurrentCharge voltageDischarge cut off voltageChargerPackage weight
36v15AhChinese 250060373*150*804.6kg20A42v28v42v2A5.8kg
36v20AhChinese 250080373*150*805.6kg20A42v28v42v2A6.8kg
36v25AhChinese 2500100373*150*806.6kg20A42v28v42v3A7.8kg
36v27.5AhChinese 2500110373*150*807.1kg20A42v28v42v3A8.3kg
36v31.9AhSamsung 2900110373*150*807.1kg20A42v28v42v4A8.3kg
36v35AhLG 3200       110373*150*807.1kg20A42v28v42v4A8.3kg
48v10AhChinese 250052373*150*804.2kg30A54.6v36.4v54.6v2A5.6kg
48v13AhChinese 250062373*150*804.9kg30A54.6v36.4v54.6v2A6.4kg
48v15AhChinese 250078373*150*805.5kg30A54.6v36.4v54.6v2A7kg
48v20AhChinese 2500104373*150*806.8kg30A54.6v36.4v54.6v2A8.3kg
48v22.5AhChinese 2500117373*150*807.5kg30A54.6v36.4v54.6v3A9kg
48v31.5AHSanyo 3500117373*150*807.5kg30A54.6v36.4v54.6v3A9kg

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