High Energy Density 48V 300AH Lithium LiFePO4 Battery for AGV Vehicle

Model: AGV-48300FAP-4

Battery Type: LiFePO4

Battery Voltage: 48V 

Battery Capacity: 300Ah

Application: AGV, Forklift, E-golf cart, EV, etc.


Quick Detail:

With the emergence of wind & solar power and other new energy sources, the development of intelligent grid technology as well, large -scale energy storage station is becoming to meet peak power allocation. ZWAYN is developing he environmental-protection  lithium-ion energy storage battery with the lightest,

fast charge and discharge, cycle file more than than 2,000 times to meet the future demand of energy storage stations and new energy vehicle charging stations. ZWAYN strives to become an advanced enterprise in the energy storage battery industry field.
ZWAYN 12V &24V standard lithium ion battery with excellent safety,high energy density, cell voltage detection, which could be connected with BMS to monitor the matter as well, which is most suitable for energy storage battery.
Compared with the same capacity lead-acid battery, LiFePO4 battery is 1/3 smaller in size, 2/3 lighter in weight, 5 times longer in cycle life, more economic and eco-friendly.
LiFePO4 battery replacing Lead acid battery is an inevitable trend.
Compared with same capacity NCM battery, LiFePO4 battery is 2.5 times longer in cycle life, also most the same in weight & size.

Nominal voltage48V
Nominal capacity300Ah0.2C5A discharge
Internal Impedance<100mΩ AC Imp
Max Charge voltage58.4V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage>38V
Max. Continuous Charge current100Aor customized design
Max. Continuous discharge current120Aor customized design
Housingcoated iron housing
Dimensions(L*W*H)460*350*300mmor customized design
Weight(Kg)About 160 Kg
Charge/discharge portAnen connectoror customized design
charging methodstandard0.2C×6 hrs.(reference value)(CC/CV)
Fast0.5C×3 hrs.(reference value)
Working temperature Charge0℃~+45℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~+40℃
Storage humidity5%~90% RH

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