HV-460V 100Ah


Rated voltage:460.8V

Rated capacity:100Ah (0.5C)

Rated energy:46KWH


Charge voltage:518VDC

Discharge voltage:403VDc

Application: Commercial & Industrial


Zwayn energy storage system has very high commercial value. It can save you more electricity bills, provide power capacity management to reduce the price of electricity, and serve as a backup power supply when the power supply is insufficient to provide energy security for industrial parks and avoid accidents. Losses caused by shutdown of production due to power outage. Zwayn industrial and commercial energy storage systems are very suitable for commercial environments such as industrial parks and large factories to solve the power supply problems of enterprises.

Rated voltage384V460.8V614.4V768V
Rated capacity100Ah (0.5C)280Ah (0.5C)
Rated energy38.4KWH46KWH61.4KWH215.04KWH
Charge voltage432VDC518VDC691VDC864VDC
Discharge voltage336VDC403VDc537VDC672VDC
Rated working current50A(0.5C)140A(0.5C)
Max. working current100A140A
Rated power19.2KW23KW30Kw107KW
Max.output power38.4KW(adjustable)46KW(adjustable)61KW (adjustable)|107KW(adjustable)
Recommended DoD90%
Range of working temp-10~50°℃
Working humidity range5-85%RH
Communication methodCAN2.0/RS485
Compatible inverter brandsDEYE,Solis,Growatt,ATESS,Goodwe,Hoymiles,Afore,
Working indicatorBlue:Power;Green:Run;Red:Alarm
cycle life25±2°C,0.2C/0.2C,EOL70%≥6000
Display method10 inch (LCD)/PC Software
Protection Voltage protectionover charge and over discharge
Protection Temp. protectionOver temperature range protection
Protection Current protectionYES
Protection Leakage protectionYES
Dielectric withstand voltage1000VDc(not
less than 2GQ2)
less than 2GQ2)
less than 2GQ)
less than 2GQ2)
Protection levelIP 20

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